Porch Paradise

Porch Paradise

Do you crave being outdoors but don’t have the time to enjoy it? Your front porch could become the perfect escape from a busy city life; we have some tips to make your small outdoor space into a personal oasis.

  1. Imitate your Interior

Porches are an extension of our homes and unique style. Using similar colors or furniture designs on your front porch will introduce visitors to your personal style and will carry your home’s signature feel onto the back porch as well. Can’t find furniture that matches your interior? No problem! You can go to your local hardware store to buy a color that will match your interior color scheme or even do something as simple as buying vibrant flowers to garnish your porch.  

  1. Let more Light in

Christmas lights don’t need to come down on January first anymore. Join in the Christmas light craze and move them from your roof and onto your railing. Adding string lights to a front or back porch will provide you with playful and romantic light after the sun goes down.

  1. Place your Plants

Plants do a lot more than just sit around and look pretty. In addition to carrying your interior’s color scheme outside to give your home a cohesive and completed look, flowers can also attracted an array of wildlife to your relaxing outdoor space. Attract butterflies and hummingbirds with warm, bright hues, and revive the non-stinging bumblebee population with flowers in blue, purple or violet.

  1. Combat the Bugs

We want you to help save the bees, but we understand if you want to keep the mosquitos away. Again, your plant choice may help. Herbs like rosemary and basil might smell tasty to us but will keep the mosquitoes at bay. Pair these herbs with an oscillating fan to keep your guests comfortable and bite free!

  1. Rest and Relax

Never forget, this space is yours to enjoy! Remember that a paradise isn’t just about looks but also personal comfortable. Make the space your own by adding personal touches. Use weatherproof boxes and furniture to keep books and magazines safe from the rain and in easy reach, add outdoor outlets so you can plug your phone in or create your own design inventions!  

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