Start Smart

Start Smart

Having a smart home is more than just being able to ask Alexa what the weather is in the morning. Technology is all around us and using smart technology is a great way to make your home safer, cleaner and overall healthier to live in. 

Here are some new smart home technologies being utilized in the industry today: 


Air Fryer/Oven Combo 

Not only is Air frying your food healthier, it can also be faster and easier, especially for the family always on the go. Now instead of having multiple different bulky appliances taking up valuable countertop real estate, consider swapping to an appliance that combines both oven and air fryer into one. 


Brava Glass Smart Oven

Image courtesy of


Pull Down Bathroom Sink Faucet

A staple in any kitchen faucet is the pull down feature to allow for easy cleaning. Now this technology is available for the bathroom too! Great for small utility sinks and kids bathrooms, easily wash away toothpaste stains or small dirt and debris from the sink basin. 

Delta Sandover Faucet

Image Courtesy of


Transition Windows 

Some rooms need privacy and bulky curtains or window shutters don’t alway make sense for the space. What used to be more commonly used in commercial office spaces is making its way to the home where clients can use the flip of a switch to go from clear windows to opaque privacy.  

    Privacy On

  Privacy Off 

Images courtesy of Instagram: @khinteriorsllc  

Window Tinting: MetroTint


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