Fabulous Fireplaces

Fabulous Fireplaces

As autumn approaches, the fireplace becomes even more of the focus in your living space. If you are looking to give your fireplace a facelift before the leaves fall consider incorporating a few of these design trends for an even cozier experience.


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Built-ins add instant warmth to your fireplace because they are often used to display items that show off your personality. Family photos, plants and candles are great pieces to get your shelf styling started.

Painted Brick

If your brick fireplace is looking tired, paint it! A white, painted fireplace is fresh and contemporary. A darker-toned fireplace adds richness to the room. Determine what your focal point in the room will be, and choose a color that complements or enhances that feature.

Crown Molding

If you feel like your fireplace may be missing something, enclose it in crown molding. Paint it all one color for a modern look, or keep the natural elements for more contrast.

Reclaimed Wood Mantel

Consider replacing your mantel with a piece of reclaimed wood for a look that is both unique and inviting. Depending on the cut and type, a wooden mantel can be rustic or modern — fitting anyone’s style..


For an eclectic update, surround your fireplace with tile. Tiles can range from large to small, from patterned to cement-gray. Adding a wooden mantel is a great way to soften the look. 

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