• How To Warm Up Your Home in Winter

    How To Warm Up Your Home in Winter

    The early winter months are a reminder that the wonderful holiday season is upon us and a new year has almost arrived. But after January...

  • Fall Mantel Ideas

    Fall Mantel Ideas

    Fall is in full swing + we couldn’t be more excited about it! If you are lucky enough to have a fireplace, you know that...

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    Contemporary fireplaces, your traditional hearth’s sleek, gas-powered relatives, are making winter’s hottest home improvement project one of its coolest.  “We call it the ‘burn season’,” says C. Bennett’s Eric Jost of the September-to-February fireplace frenzy. “Every year right around that time people start considering installing a fireplace; contemporary units are a great option.”

  • Fabulous Fireplaces

    Fabulous Fireplaces

    As autumn approaches, the fireplace becomes even more of the focus in your living space. If you are looking to give your fireplace a...

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    Short on functionality and lacking warmth, Susie Knopf’s Clayton high-rise was overdue for a reboot in late 2014. The 2,500-square-foot space now pops with charm from a rustic floor-to-ceiling renovation that includes two fireplaces.

    “The unit was very dated,” says Susie, “and, being an interior designer, I wanted a different style and needed to have more storage and open up the space.”