Peel-and-stick wallpaper is definitely a craze. Although it gives a DIYer an opportunity to do a little wallpaper project on their own, it’s not the long-lasting intentional way wallpaper was meant to function. We like to hire a professional and know choices are endless regarding finishes, colors and textures! But do what’s best for your skill, budget and overall look! Anne Marie Boedges, Anne Marie Design Studio.


    1. Floral Fresh

    By Summer Thornton Design. A quintessential classic kitchen that's both bright and airy while also having lots of character, this kitchen is traditional but still fresh. By mixing metals of brass and polished nickel as well as natural wood with painted cabinetry we added depth and character. Floral wallpaper, an antique chandelier, an elegant traditional dining table and a fireplace create a cozy breakfast space perfect for your morning tea.

    2. Defining the Island

  • Wall to Wall: The Wallpaper Revival

    Wall to Wall: The Wallpaper Revival

    Written by: Ashley McGoff 

    Gone are the days where wallpaper is considered scary and permanent. Now, designers are embracing this nostalgic trend to...

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    Give your home a lived-in feel with distressed textiles. Wallpaper and fabrics pre-aged and faded give any space a timeworn, loved look.

    1. Aubriet wallcovering in amethyst, by Designers Guild, available at Design & Detail

    2. Mali dot, from the Palampore collection, available at LuLu Belles

    3. Wall of fez, by Phillip Jeffries, available at KDR Designer Showrooms

  • Wallpaper Wonders

    Wallpaper Wonders

    Back in style and being used fearlessly in interior design, wallpaper is thriving in the home-design world. The concept of wallpaper can be a bit...

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    Wallpaper takes—to some—a fearful level of commitment. Ambling through home improvement stores and dry goods ateliers scanning aisles and “look books” for a potential match takes time. Not being sure you’ve found “the one” until you take it home where it must meet and complement your valet and throw pillows takes being vulnerable to a possible let down. Trysts with trendy colors, here-today-gone-tomorrow adhesives and aimless paint dabbling can be satisfying in the short term but, as mom says, “isn’t it time you think about settling?”