Bauer Falls



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St. Louis, MO 63146


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2018 Garden of the Year - Bauer Falls


The Bauer brothers' lifelong passion for nature led them into an exclusive artistry designing and creating natural luxury waterfalls and koi ponds. They won SLHL Garden of the Year for creating an elite waterfall featuring nearly 1000 tons (37 semi loads) of natural stone boulders that pumps 48,000 gallons of water per hour. While stones make up pathways, steps and landings are made flat and others are boulder-like quality, both to anchor hillsides during erosion-creating rains and to mimic the Rocky Mountain landscape homeowners love. 

Growing up on property bordering the nearly 6500-acre Cuivre River State Park, the young Bauers explored the secrets of the woods from the mossy creek bottoms to the oak covered hilltops. This powerful experience was essential for the creation of and natural aspect to Bauer Falls. It was created with the idea of bringing as much nature to people as possible. During their time spent in the hills and woods, the lay of the land; the way, over the centuries, rocks and boulders tumbled into place, and the ebb and flow of the streams and creeks became embedded in their minds. They have used that natural institutional memory to transform the backyards and gardens of their customers.



Ken and Maria Bowers

Caleb and Josh have worked for us for a number of years. I think we were one of their earliest projects when they "struck it out on their own"! They are both very creative and their work incorporates practices that not only please the eye but defy leaks. They incorporate natural biological and plant filtration that minimizes the maintenance greatly. If you have multiple ponds and waterfalls as we do, you appreciate the beauty and the functionality. Both factors play a role in how much you will enjoy the water features in your garden. And they are very fair in their pricing. Their projects over the years have been both large and small. They are equally passionate about all of them. And their brother David has been a welcome addition to their business. Anyone can visit our yard anytime to see their work firsthand.


Paul Larson, CFP - President & CEO

We have had Bauer Falls build two projects for us. The first was at our home and the next was at our office. They not only worked with us to creatively design something that fit our location but also came back to make sure that everything was working well. You will not find a harder working and trustworthy group of people in this industry.


Kathy and Lee Reid

To Bauer Falls we would like people to know that before the Bauer brothers professionally reconfigured our existing pond it had become a constant source of work and worry. Now after their efforts, it is a pond that everyone can enjoy and appreciate; humans, small fish and many birds! As requested they positioned the top part of the pond so we could see the waterfall from our kitchen window and they gave us the pleasant sounds we wanted. Their lovely landscaping gave our pond a more natural look.