Picture Perfect

Picture Perfect

Written by: Alison Murphy

Taking photos on our phones and cameras has become a daily occurrence for some. We are often able to take pictures of perfect moments but the photos hardly leave the screens. We’ve found some great ways to incorporate those photos into your home that will bring attention to them like never before. 

Our first idea is taking black and white prints and displaying them in frames with colored borders. This can tie in to your color scheme of the space and incorporate personal touches. 



Looking for a more simplistic and modern way to display photos? Try the acrylic floating frame. You can even make it yourself by visiting abeautifulmess.com



Black a white photos are always elegant and artistic. By printing on large canvases and creating a cohesive photo wall, you can create a very compelling space.


Don’t know where to start when it comes to your photo wall? Use one of these photo grids to ensure a perfectly balanced collection. 

(pottery barn)


These modern and geometric frames are perfect for a bedroom or dorm room. Make one using just twine and thumbtacks. 



                (architectural digest) 

A bold floor to ceiling display can enlarge any room. These white frames on white walls create a seamless effect and give everyone a great deal to look at. 


For a more charming display, the poster hanger is very unique and also simple to make.     


(a beautiful mess)



By taking and painting the frames of old bulletin boards you can attach strings or yarn or cloth and clothespins to display a great number of photos. 



(home edit)


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