Classic or Craze: High Ceilings

Is it a classic or is it a craze?


For our September Before/After issue, we asked local designers and builders if high ceilings are here to stay. Here’s what the professionals had to say.

“Classic. I don't think 8-foot ceilings will ever be a craze again. I do believe 9-foot ceilings will continue to be classic, mainly considering budget. If the budget can warrant the 10-foot to 12-foot ceiling, I feel they will always be the choice.” Pamela Calvert, Creative Director, ASID.

 “High ceilings are classic, be it a century home or one built in the 21st century. With ceilings becoming an integral piece of real estate in our homes, we are using them as a focal point. The more you have to work with, the more options we have for enhancements. People are also larger today and requesting bigger living spaces. So I don't think they will go away anytime soon!” Joni Spear, Joni Spear Interior Design. 

“Ten-foot ceilings are classic as they are, in my opinion, essential to the architectural detail and interior design of many spaces. A 10-foot ceiling will allow for beam work, large windows, a chandelier, etc. Beyond 10 feet, though, and the interior architecture needs to be specifically designed for a space that is unique to the home so that the height doesn't become overwhelming nor a craze.” Amy Studebaker, Amy Studebaker Design.

“I’d call it a classic, if used properly.  We see the thoughtful and limited use of 9-foot, 10-foot and 12-plus-foot ceilings to create drama and impact in most of our new-home designs.  Certain rooms have the ceilings popped up (or down), depending upon the client’s desire. Tall ceilings everywhere actually can take away from creating spaces that are more intimate, again depending upon the wants/needs of the client.”  Jeff Bogard, R.E.A. Homes.

“Classic. As you advance into any home with tall ceilings, new or old, the space feels grand. Tall ceilings make an enormous difference in regard to design. Lighting plays a huge role in the ambience of any given space, and the options are greater when you have taller ceiling heights to work with. Another benefit is the capability of adding beams, insets, decorative moldings, taller crown, etc. to a room. Tall ceilings aren't a passing craze or fad; they are a classic, lasting impression to any room.” Rauchel Koehnemann, KBuild Design.

“I personally think the taller ceiling heights are a classic for several reasons. Not only do they remove that closed-in feeling you have when walking into an 8-foot tall room, but they also provide more opportunity for better day lighting. As long as the house is designed properly in regards to HVAC, the additional height should not add much cost, if any, for heating and cooling. Architect Jeff Day designed some pretty cool windows in my personal house that I am moving into right now, and without the 10-foot ceilings, they would not have been an option.”  Nathan Verning, Oasis Homes USA.

“Many families today prefer an open floor plan in their homes. A higher ceiling complements that space and creates a wonderful room for spacious entertaining or just hanging out. In addition, a beautiful light can be placed above as a creative focal point in the room. Higher ceilings not only add interest to a room, but will be around for quite a while.” Laureen Wilder, Laureen Wilder Designs.