Ho-Ho-Homey for the Holidays

Ho-Ho-Homey for the Holidays

“Homey” — a feeling synonymous with comfy, cozy, safe and warm. It’s a state of mind, an ambiance, even a movement (“hygge,” anyone?). As the St. Louis winter weather approaches, we head indoors and settle in for the season. We want our house to be our hideaway from the cold, but that means more than just four walls and a place to sit.

So, what turns a house into a home? We know it can be difficult to put your finger on that exact design choice that achieves the ‘cozy’ feeling, and it usually isn’t achieved without some trial and error. We’ve put together a few of our tips to help you transform your space into the coziest cold-weather retreat.

The first step to a homey atmosphere is to declutter your space. Removing the excess will make you — and your guests — feel more comfortable. Places that are the most cozy are often the most simple. We also think this step is good practice for the start of every season… think of it like resetting your space and your mindset.

Arrange the furniture in a way that cultivates conversation. This season, consider angling your armchair away from the television and closer in towards the couch. Focusing on family and friends will immediately make your space homier (and don’t worry, chances are you will still be able to see football from somewhere in the room).

A key component to creating a cozy room is lighting. Keep your lighting limited and low — incandescent light bulbs around 2700 Kelvin or less provide that perfect, warm glow. This small choice is subtle, yet effective. Candles are another way to add a layer of light, as well as organic warmth. Candles evoke a feeling of peacefulness, and the right fragrance will subconsciously put you at ease. We found a great round up of 2017 holiday candles here.

Bring natural elements into your space. Wood and leather are two of the easiest elements to incorporate in a big way like furniture, or small touches like picture frames, mirrors, throw pillows or bookends. The holidays are also the perfect time to swap out your faux florals for real pine garland and sprigs of spruce. Visit your local nursery — you may be surprised what affordable, natural options are available.

Lastly, layer soft textures. Wools, velvets, chunky knits and faux furs are great places to start. What makes a room coziest is a couch, chair or even floor that is inviting you to settle in and snuggle up. Throw pillows and throw blankets can be mixed and matched in different textures, instantly upping the cozy factor. If you have hardwood floors, add a plush wool rug (even a pouf or two) to soften the space and maximize comfort.

We hope these tips are helpful, and will comfortably carry you into the cold season ahead. Do you have any recommendations for making your house more homey for the holidays? Let us know by commenting below!

Cover photo courtesy of Lincoln Barbour via Country Living.

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