Homeowners Sandy and Dixie Deibel had admired a plot of land in the quiet city of Ladue for years; seven, in fact. The lot sat next to a lake with ample privacy, and it happened to be owned by their neighbors.

        Originally the Deibels weren’t looking to build a new home as it would be the fifth custom home they’d designed and built for themselves. However, the lot’s view, location and privacy were refreshing after the hustle and bustle of Clayton for 20 years. They decided to build another, more comfortable home to better match their lifestyle.


    For Andy Hahn, creativity was something he was born with. He was always fascinated by an artist’s ability to portray a subject accurately, but he wasn’t always so fascinated by the abstract side. Hahn describes that “juvenile” way of looking at art as, “If it wasn’t photo realistic, then it just wasn’t art to me.”


    Contemporary fireplaces, your traditional hearth’s sleek, gas-powered relatives, are making winter’s hottest home improvement project one of its coolest.  “We call it the ‘burn season’,” says C. Bennett’s Eric Jost of the September-to-February fireplace frenzy. “Every year right around that time people start considering installing a fireplace; contemporary units are a great option.”

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    Color Me Contemporary

    Tinkering with color is a fun and easy way to change the entire look and feel of a room. It doesn't matter if your...

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    As a child, the homeowner always wanted to be an architect. With a love of furniture and design, he has always clipped things out of old magazines to save for later. So, when he made the move from Chicago to St. Louis in 2011, it was no surprise that he played a big role in finding the right house for him and his two children.

  • Contemporary Light Fixtures

    Contemporary Light Fixtures

    Contemporary interior design is all about sleek simplicity, and the accessories that furnish these cutting-edge spaces are no different. Choosing the perfect light fixture...

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