Christmas Tree Trends of 2018

Christmas Tree Trends of 2018

The days of boring, green traditional Christmas trees are over! Here you will find a list of the top 2018 Christmas Tree Trends. Try one of them out in your own home and share it on social media using #STLHomes.


1.  Mini Christmas Trees

If you want to downsize a bit, but still want a twinkling Christmas tree in your home, mini trees are the way to go! You can even purchase decorations like; tree skirts, ornaments, tree toppers and lights that are the perfect size for these little beauties! What makes these trees so great is their versatility. You can add them to the coffee table to anchor the room, place them flanking the front door to add curb appeal or use as a centerpiece for your holiday dinners.


2.  Colorful + Bright Christmas Trees

There is something so magical and whimsical about a colorful tree. The unexpected beauty and charm are perfect for the holidays. Children and adults alike agree that this trend is here to stay. It goes with any style of décor and can be personalized to match any home.


3.  Black Christmas Trees

This new trend is something that we have just started seeing. We won’t lie…. We love it! The contrast of the dark tree decorated with gold, silver or white ornaments looks so glamorous. It is so subtle yet so dramatic and we just can’t get over it. 


4.  Tree Collars

We have all heard about tree skirts but have you heard of tree collars? This tree trend is one that has been around for years, but it is just now starting to be decorative and not just functional. Using a tree collar instead of a tree skirt will create the illusion that you have a real tree instead of an artificial tree. It also allows you to add an additional decorative element to your tree. Our favorite is the galvanized metal look. 


(Crate & Barrel)

5.  Stylish Alternative Trees

You don’t even need a tree to be festive! There are so many cute ideas for an alternative Christmas tree, that you won't even need to visit the tree lot this year! Our favorite is the driftwood tree with twinkling fairy lights. It’s so simple and has a Scandinavian feel that is perfect for a woodsy minimalist home. Another idea that we love is a pile of books in the shape of a Christmas tree! This is perfect for a library or a cozy corner near a reading nook. Just make sure that they are books that you do not want to read anytime soon!


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