4 Unique Valentines Flowers

4 Unique Valentines Flowers

Valentine's Day is around the corner and while we love a classic red rose bouquet, here are some other beautiful blooms you can choose to add color to your home. 



Romance, Luck & Prosperity 


The Pink Peony, often used in wedding bouquets for their beautiful light pink color make a wonderful choice for a subtle but beautiful flower bouquet. Peonies also come in a variety of other colors like white, hot pink, and coral. 

Image Courtesy of Missouri Botanical Gardens 



Creativity, Elegance & Growth 


Dahlias are a unique and showy bloom that stands out in a crowd making the perfect focal point for any bouquet. They also symbolize finding inner strength, or following one's own path in life. 

Image courtesy of Bluestone Perennials 



Happiness, joy, love


The tulip is a classic flower known in many cultures to symbolize unconditional love. This is the perfect flower to give to a significant other or even a family member or friend to share the love you have for them. 

Image courtesy of Missouri Botanical Garden 



Rebirth, new beginnings, love


One of the first flowers to bloom in spring, this flower is a lovely symbol of hope and love. Primrose come in many color options and almost all blooms have a yellow center, making one think of the springtime sun. 

Image courtesy of: The Old Farmer’s Almanac 


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