Paving the Way

Give new life to tired, flat surfaces with trendy pavers.

By Lauren St. John
Photography courtesy of Belgard


Walking the line between an adaptable outdoor accent and a durable resurfacing option, pavers stand the test of time while adding custom finishes to exterior spaces. Individually cut, these permeable portions of concrete are perfectly placed into eye-catching patterns to refresh monotonous spaces while crafting a one-of-a-kind aesthetic.

Whether beautifully covering an entire area or used sparingly to embellish a dull surface, even the smallest dose of pavers can transform a passé patio or drab driveway into an outdoor living space that is sure to keep up with the Joneses. “Pavers work well with other materials, so if your budget won’t allow for a complete surface makeover, try using pavers for edging or detailing for the same charming appearance,” says Erica Breazeale of Belgard. Built to be long-lasting and chic, pavers offer more style selections than standard concrete pours to better align with design tastes ranging from traditional to contemporary.

“You are able to craft a look that really fits with your personal style with pavers, as they come in so many different sizes, shapes and colors,” explains Erica. When dressing up your hardscape, take into consideration your home’s architectural motif to create balance between the hues and finishes. Irregular, textured pavers that mimic natural stone in shades of brown exude a rustic elegance that seamlessly suits a traditionally styled home. For a contemporary feel, Erica suggests choosing pavers with sleek lines and smooth surfaces in gray tones to echo the polished facade of cutting-edge residences. “Pavers not only add flair to lackluster walkways, driveways and patios, but can also make small spaces look bigger or large areas feel unified when arranged in particular patterns,” notes Erica.

More versatile than cement, more affordable than stone and more sustainable than asphalt, these modular materials pave the way for exquisite curb appeal and lasting enjoyment.

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