Budding Bulbs

As the temperatures continue to cool and we perpare for our first freeze, many gardeners think their work for the season is done. Think again! The fall is teh ideal time to plant bulbs to produce the first blooms of next season. Before the ground freezes, plant your bulbs so that next year's garden is lush and colorful.

By Melissa Mauzy


Purple Hyacinth  -  David Sherwood, Sherwood’s Forest
“Purple Hyacinth have a great sweet fragrance. They are an early bloomer and excellent for indoor bloom forcing.”


Surprise Lilies  -  Ann Lapides, Sugar Creek Gardens
“In the heat of the summer, when many a plant has stopped blooming, Surprise Lilies pop out of the ground. Lilies of jewel pink appear seemingly overnight on leafless stems that are two feet or more in height. Strapping mounds of foliage emerge in spring, then go dormant in summer. The lilies easily grow in sun or shade.”


Ice Cream Tulips  -  Linda Coonrod, Chesterfield Valley Nursery
“The Ice Cream Tulip features white petals closely mounded in the center, forming a central cone, resembling vanilla ice cream. Pink petals, tinged with green, encircle the white. They’re showstoppers in an arrangement, and bloom late spring."


Daffodil “Tahiti”  -   Daniel Mee, Frisella Nursery
“This double daffodil with soft yellow petals contrasted by deep coppery-orange tufts in the center is perfect for a splash of spring color in the landscape. It is great for naturalizing, does not need to be dug up or divided, is deer and frost tolerant and the showy flowers are held up by sturdy stems so you have less breakage.”


Tulip Angelique  -   Ron Goedeker, Landscape St. Louis
“The Angelique tulip is a very romantic tulip with lush, soft pink petals and a light fragrance, reminiscent of a peony bloom. It blooms in mid to late spring so we like to mix in an early to mid white or soft yellow tulip to extend the color display.


Darwin Hybrid Tulips  -  Eric Ringhofer, Green Guys
“I love the Darwin Hybrid Tulips--they perform great here in St. Louis.  One variety that I love to use is the "Buttermilk"  Its blend of yellows is a perfect complement to the blues/purples in the landscape and are a great reminder spring is here.”