Balled & Burlapped

Give your holiday tree a permanent home in your yard. You’ll enjoy its beauty years after the season’s joy and cheer have passed.

By Melissa Mauzy


Trimming the holiday tree. It’s a tradition many St. Louisans partake in during the month of December. Adorning branches with ribbons, tinsel and ornaments, families have been decorating the tree since the 1700s.

Today, while many choose to go the faux route, there is nothing better than the smell of an authentic tree. This year, enjoy your tree months and even years after the holidays have passed. Purchasing a live tree that is balled and burlaped allows you to plant the tree in your landscape. Instead of tossing it away, you are investing in your property as well as being eco-friendly.

Jim Meiners, of Prestige Landscape, David Tilden, of Chesterfield Valley Nursery and David Sherwood, of Sherwood’s Forest, suggest several species that are best suited for the Missouri climate.


Norway Spruce​Jim Meiners, Prestige Landscape
- Evergreen 
- Full, dark green short needles
- Perfectly symmetrically shaped Christmas tree
- Fast growing to 70 to 80 ft. tall
- Grows 35 to 45 ft. wide. 
- Pyramidal form
- Very cold-hardy 
- Tolerates heat well


Serbian Spruce, David Tilden, Chesterfield Valley Nursery
-  Short, ascending branches are ideal for hanging holiday decorations or lights
-  Grows 50 ft. tall and 20 feet wide
-  Tolerates temperatures down to -30F as well as heat and humidity


Black Hill Spruce, David Sherwood, Sherwood's Forest
- Resembles the typical balsam cut Christmas tree
- Dense, bright green needles mature to an interesting blue-green
- Available potted or balled and burlapped
- Slow growing to a mature height of 30-60 feet
- Symmetrical cone shape