A Members Only Meal

The only private restaurant in St. Louis, Blood and Sand focuses on fresh, seasonal ingredients to creat a menu that is always evolving.

By Brandi Wills
Photography by Colin Miller/Strauss Peyton


Tucked into a discreet, alley-like street in downtown St. Louis is one of the city's most exclusive eateries, Blood and Sand. This unassuming location is the perfect home for the only private restaurant in town. You don't need a secret password to get in, but you do need a membership.

Blood and Sand is a testament to the saying, “Membership has its privileges.” Top among them being the culinary stylings of chef Chris Bork. Young and oh-so hip, his creative and memorable dishes make him a chef whose star is on the rise. About his cooking style, he says, “That is a question I get asked all the time, and I always have trouble giving a straight answer. I'm French trained, I’m from the south, I love using Asian ingredients, etc. But I guess what's most important is cooking seasonally. Using ingredients that are local and in season. When they go out of season, we move to the next thing.”

Utilizing fresh, seasonal ingredients is key to creating an exciting menu that is constantly evolving. This month you'll see locally grown apples, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, celery root, garlic, grapes, melons, parsnips, pears, squash and turnips worked seamlessly into everything from beautifully constructed salads to hearty entrees to delicate desserts. Though Bork excels at highly concepted cuisine, its not the only thing coming out of his kitchen. “We try to have a balance of food that is approachable and food that might be considered a little different to some,” says Bork. “We are a members' club, and I have to be very conscious of that. Sometimes our members just want a cheeseburger or they want to try something new and creative. We try to offer both of those things.”