Brain Food

Elevate your space with coffee table books that are aesthetically pleasing and educational. 

By Maya Brenningmeyer


AD at 100 

A collection of 100 years of Architectural Digest

publications full of the best of the best in architecture.


The Great Book of World Heritage Sites

by Marco Cattaneo and Jasmina Trifoni 

An index of 110 properties from all across the world and the measures taken to protect and preserve them.


Resident Dog

by Nicole England

Nicole England captures beautiful spaces and the dogs who call them home.


Curved: Bending Architecture by Agata Toromanoff

A collection of outstanding contemporary buildings that feature wave-like and rounded forms. This is the perfect inspiration to think outside of the box and add new shapes to your space!


Local Expert Approved

Gio Ponti, published by Taschen.

“Ponti is an enduring figure in 20th century design who embraced inventive residential and commercial work throughout his career, serving not only as an architect and designer, but also as editor of Domus magazine. His design work included all aspects of creative endeavors including

ceramics, furniture, lighting, interiors and, of course, the famous Pirelli Tower in Milan. His sketches are inspiring.”


Frederick Law Olmstead:

Designing the American

Landscape by Charles Beveridge and Paul Rocheleau

“The setting for a structure in the natural landscape is always important and whose lessons are better than the person who invented the profession of landscape architecture, Olmstead. There is much to understand about his vision of nature as a calming and contemplative influence on modern living.”


A.A. Fischer’s St. Louis Streetscapes by Nancy Moore Hamilton

“This book is a lovely documentation of the work of builder A.A. Fischer and explains the development and detailing of many wonderful buildings in the city of St Louis.”