A Growing Canvas

Growing Green gives us a closer look into the world of plantscapes and living wall systems. Plantings perfect for residential spaces, corporate offices, patios and more. 

Edited by Maya Brenningmeyer

Portrait photography by Kim Dillon


Plantscape vs. Living Wall System

A plantscape can be any level of planting from a color bowl on a reception desk to an office complex including atriums or a mass of freestanding planters. On the other hand, a living wall system is a system that is installed onto a wall surface that includes a means of supporting the plants with structure and water. It could be completely automated where the plants are on a watering schedule, which our team would monitor, or it could be on a wall where there is no access to water or a drain and the system is completely contained and dependent and maintained by our trained staff. Either way, we would design the system to work best for each client space.   


Proactive Planting

During the initial process, our design team would assess the desired location for plantings and get to know the client’s space and how it will be used. We would make the recommendations based on our experience and knowledge and the needs of the client. Every space is unique! Our goal is to solve the clients’ objectives so that they feel good about the investment and our relationship continues for many years. They may be resolving an issue with sound or creating visual barriers or wanting to add biophilic elements into their space for their staff and to create an inviting atmosphere for their guests.



The installations are completely unique to each client. We are looking at the amount of light each plant will receive, how much space the plant will have to grow. Does the space call for a tall plant or something that will remain compact? Will access be an issue, such as conference rooms or the president’s office? These are all things we take into consideration.


At-Home Haven

We also provide plantings and service in several residential environments. To care for these installations, we must be able to gain access to the space on a set schedule whether it is indoors or outside. Living walls and moss walls are trending, even in residential settings. We also design and maintain creative outdoor spaces with our container programs on patios and around pools.


A Helping Hand

Living walls require some thought as to which wall system will work best for the space it is planned for. Some walls will be plumbed and the watering process will be on a timer, other systems require manual watering, which our staff is trained to do. All walls require expert care by someone who can manage the water needs of the wall. We use water sensors that connect to an app on our service supervisor’s phone so the current water content of the planting media can be monitored at all times and watering can be adjusted as needed. Our team also grooms the wall on a regular basis by pruning off any older leaves and stems, monitors fertilization needs and scouts and treats for pests.


Long-Lasting Leaves

Most of the plants that we use indoors are meant to be long-term plantings and many plants last for years in the indoor plantscape. Some plants last longer than others, this is why we have a built-in replacement program. If a plant starts to decline, we will replace it with the same plant to keep the plantscape looking fresh.


Changing with the Seasons

We offer seasonal plantings that change throughout the year to complement the current weather of St. Louis. In spring that means bulbs, pansies, pussy willow stems and all things spring. In the summer, these plantings transition to tropicals and flowering annuals such as palms, hibiscus, ferns, angelonia, lantana and more. In fall, the look changes to pumpkins, grasses, kale and mums. The winter look consists of mostly evergreens of different shapes, textures and sizes that coordinate with the size and look of the container.


Key to Success

Many factors come into play when planning for a new installation. Communication is key to success. We keep tabs on the space until it is complete and keep in communication with our contact person to ask a lot of questions to stay in the loop so we can plan accordingly. We always have a plan ahead of time, but have to be flexible!