Minty-Fresh Facade

Transformative siding project elevates a home's charm and durability. 

By Julie Brown Patton

Remodeling contractor: Lakeside Renovation & Design

Photography by CanonShots Photography


An enchanting “misty emerald” hue gave one house in Pacific, a minty-fresh look via a siding and exterior project completed by Chesterfield-based Lakeside Renovation & Design.

When the homeowner, Todd Woodall, decided to move away from a vinyl exterior used when the house was built in 1994, he wanted an appearance and design that “wasn’t like every other house.” That distinct look came from made-to-order James Hardie Dream Collection premium finish and lap siding. Based on Todd’s personal remodeling experience, he says it was equally important to upgrade to a superior exterior product.

“Every facet of this house’s exterior received thorough attention, including the installation of James Hardie select Cedarmill soffit and fascia, ensuring a cohesive and polished finish. To further enhance functionality and artistic appeal, we integrated pristine white gutters and downspouts, seamlessly blending with the newly rejuvenated exterior,” says Candice Davis, Lakeside Renovation director of marketing. She says this was the first time Lakeside Renovation had executed this exterior color, which gave the house a unique personality.

Todd also was interested in the longevity of his chosen creamy, surf-green exterior. “Vinyl can become brittle, faded, cracked or molded. Now, I’m likely looking at just a potential paint job in the future, if needed, not another vinyl replacement.”

In fact, to fortify the home against weathering elements, Lakeside Renovation design consultant Andy Young says they prioritized quality and endurance by first installing James Hardie weather barrier as the foundational layer.

Attention to detail was paramount in every aspect of the project. In the dormer areas, Andy says they implemented bespoke craftsmanship with custom-cut Arctic White scalloped siding, adding a distinctive touch of sophistication. “Complementing the siding, we meticulously installed Arctic White James Hardie 4-inch trim and 6-inch corners, harmonizing seamlessly with the overall aesthetic,” he adds. Todd says he requested scallops in the gables to make the house appear more Victorian with a rich color palette, layered textiles and intricate accents.

Overall care within this project extended to the finer elements of the home, including new garage door jambs, shingle molding and gable vents. Andy says these additions not only enhanced the visual appeal of the home, they also reinforced the structural integrity of the house.

Achieving elevated outdoor living results is a highlight for Lakeside Renovation professionals. They also handle porch overhangs, basement build-outs and interior remodeling for kitchens and bathrooms, completed with the assistance of in-house architects and drafters.

“We wanted to give the house character,” Todd shares. “Everyone ended up really liking its color and style. In the winter, it provides a brighter ambience. And in the summer, especially when flowers bloom, the house accentuates the other landscaping.”