Holiday Magic

Rae Sutton of Three French Hens gives us her holiday tips and tricks, as well as what visitors can expect at Three French Hens this holiday season. 

Edited by Maya Brenningmeyer

Photography by Colin Miller/Strauss-Peyton


Feeling Nostalgic

This season, I think everyone is craving a return to normalcy. I have been seeing an upswing in traditional and nostalgic decor. Think red and green, lots of ribbons and breaking out hand-me-down or antiqued pieces to incorporate here and there. Everyone wants to reminisce on the good times and decorate their homes in a way that feels warm and comfortable for them. I am excited to mix decades of trends to create fresh seasonal looks this year.

Seasons Change

Most homeowners start the transition to Christmas decor the day after Halloween. It is typical for your halls to be decked out for Christmas from November 1st until the New Year. If you're hosting Thanksgiving, leave some harvest leaves, linens and decor within reach to decorate your gathering areas for the day or weekend. Everyone will enjoy your Christmas decor mixed in with Thanksgiving! The more cheer the better!

Keeping Tradition

I am an old soul and have always leaned towards tradition. Lush greenery, tons of ornaments, Santa, reindeer—the works! My Christmas tree, at this point in its evolution, has large, frosted bulbs for lighting, some Old-World Santa ornaments, a lot of antique gold and long ribbon tails. Growing up, my grandmother always displayed teddy bears in her tree and it gave me an unspoken permission to really go all out when it comes to seasonal design. Christmas is such a fun time to play and get creative—even over-the-top - with your decor. 

Feeling Festive

Three French Hens is fully stocked for the holidays! Shops should be stocked by now so that you are ready to decorate once Halloween is over. The season gets longer every year, but I wouldn't have it any other way. Holiday decorating is the most wonderful time of the year, and I love every moment of being covered in glitter to make our clients' holiday dreams come true.

Don't Overthink It!

Like I said - Christmas is the BEST time to branch out and get creative with your decor. Just an enjoyment of the season and a joy that comes from being surrounded by lights and sparkle. I've seen all-pink Christmases, purple Christmases, retro-style Christmases - everything under the sun. Your seasonal decor does not have to tie in perfectly with your everyday decor. My biggest piece of advice? Don't overthink it.

Three French Hens has 25 fully decorated trees and 17 different themes of Christmas decor with endless options for creativity. Carefully curated to get your imagination running, but with enough selection that you will find what you are looking for. We are so grateful to all of our customers for our 20th year in business and 20th Holiday Season. Thank you, thank you, thank you!