It's the Great Pumpkin!

Prepare for the pumpkin patch with our guide to all things pumpkins. 

By Maya Brenningmeyer


One of the most recognizable fall staples, pumpkins are a versatile way to incorporate autumn into your everyday routine. With over 150 varieties of pumpkins, it’s important to know which of these fall fruits are best suited to your needs.

Setting the Scene

When creating an exquisite fall tablescape, pumpkins are a great way to incorporate natural elements into your decor. Impress your guests by selecting pumpkins of different shapes and sizes!

Baby boo

Baby boo pumpkins are small, bone-white miniature pumpkins that are eye-catching without taking up too much space. These are a great neutral option for more minimalist-style households

Baby bear

Baby bear pumpkins are small and have seeds that are delicious to roast. Some people hollow them out and use them for soup and dip bowls due to their small size!


Fairytale (Cinderella) pumpkins have a buttery flavor that make them a perfect addition to any pumpkin pie recipe. Roast them in the oven, then puree them in a food processor for fresh, homemade pumpkin puree!


Growing to be 3”-4” across and 2” tall, jack-be-little pumpkins can be placed on their own or layered with other pumpkins for a more dynamic setting.

Cotton candy

Slightly larger than a baby boo pumpkin, cotton candy pumpkins are medium-sized, milky-white pumpkin with a slight rib.

Blue doll

With an exotic blue colors and square-like appearance, blue doll pumpkins are sure to make a statement. Make these unique pumpkins the centerpiece of your table or pair them with smaller, more minimalistic pumpkins!

Tiger Stripe

These popular pumpkins are well-known for their distinctive stripes! While they don't have as much flesh as a typical pumpkin, these smaller varieties are a great alternative soup bowl.

Field trip F1 hybrid

These light-weight pumpkins are great for carving! Their long-stems and smaller size make them ideal for younger children and can be easily transported from the pumpkin patch to your home.


Known for their sweet flavor, Jarrahdale pumpkins are a great addition to pies, scones or fall soups!

Connecticut field pumpkin

Considered a classic pumpkin, Connecticut field pumpkins are what most people think of when they picture a pumpkin. Featuring a medium-sized orange body and a green stem, these pumpkins are a great option for your standard jack-o’-lantern.

Autumn gold

Autumn gold pumpkins are characterized by their round shape and bright orange color. Coming out at around 10 to 15lbs, these gourds have plenty of room for your carved creation!

Black Futsu

Not to be overlooked, black futsu pumpkins have deep ridges and raised bumps along its skin and can range in color from dark grey to green to even a slight orange. Great for adding texture!