Transformative Talent

Designer and remodeler Dana King takes us through her renovation process and how she ensures every client is satisfied with their home upgrades.

Edited by Maya Brenningmeyer

Portrait photography by Colin Miller/Strauss Peyton

Interior photography by Jerry Voloski


Taking the First Step

What can be achieved and what it will cost are the first two questions to answer when considering a remodel. Consulting the right professionals will help give you the most informed answers. A good place to find reputable providers is the National Association of Remodeling Industry (NARI) that lists firms certified in best practices. Examine their portfolios, read through their warranties and consider if they’ll be open to considering your tastes. It also is key to answer the question: do you feel they get you? Remodeling is a team sport, the stakes are high, and therefore, it is imperative that you work well together. Concurrently and collaboratively work with a provider to understand the investment needed to achieve your remodeling goals.

The Benefit of Universal Design

Universal design makes spaces habitable and functional for all people no matter the stage of life or life’s mishaps. I hope we see universal design considered in every space now and forever. We not only design for life now, but also anticipate changes for the future. For instance, we offer to put an outlet behind the toilet to anticipate the need for a bidet when rehabilitating from surgery.

When Old Meets New

If we only remodel one space in a home, to maintain consistency we look primarily at architectural elements such as the millwork, windows and openings or doors. For instance, if we are considering new windows, we would make sure the windows are keeping with other areas of the home.

New Horizons

One major change in recent years is our ability to work virtually. With our 3-D modeling, we can create a virtual tour of the home’s existing conditions. We can essentially be virtually in the home while sitting in our office. The ability to check our assumptions by revisiting the space with a click on the keyboard also improves our accuracy and uses our time efficiently.

From Start to Finish

The length of the remodeling process largely depends on the size of the job. We do small and large projects, from window treatments to home additions, with varying timeframes. After we have designed the job, we provide a schedule and regular updates so clients can plan for their life around the renovation. Initially, we can certainly estimate the time so a client can anticipate what to expect going into the process.

Staying Focused

At the beginning of the design process, we start with a focus on the outcomes, what we want to achieve. We ask the question, what do we need the space to do for the homeowners now and in the future? Answering that question helps narrow the focus for the solutions we’d propose. We welcome all the ideas and layer them into possibilities the clients might not have considered. It is hard to see the picture when you are inside the frame. We bring another perspective and the ability to sharpen the focus.


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