The Complete Package

Business owners Carleen Kramer and Mark Erker combine their love for event planning and creativity to create a one-of-a-kind shopping experience.

By Maya Brenningmeyer



Marketplace on the Hill, St. Louis, MO

Located in the historic St. Louis neighborhood, The Marketplace on the Hill acts as a way for owners, Mark and Carleen, to transition their catering business into something more creative. Containing The Antique Market, La Verona at the Marketplace, Oliva on the Hill, Oliva Cafe and the Oliva Lofts where guests can stay overnight—this locally owned complex is the perfect spot to connect and make new memories. 

Creativity isn’t the only driving factor behind the business. The owners also cite their love for shopping and finding the perfect furniture pieces as a big factor in their expansion. “Mark and I have always enjoyed decorating our event spaces with unique and unusual pieces, starting with the Boathouse in Forest Park 20 years ago,” Carleen says, “We layer pieces that make people comfortable—as if they are entertaining in their own home.” They apply this love for shopping and comfort to the Antique Market on the Hill, the main shopping space at The Marketplace. 

The Antique Market on the Hill hosts over 80 vendors, all of whom have impeccable taste and a multitude of vintage items for sale. Priding themselves on their incredible customer service, Carleen says, “We like to think that we provide a very different shopping experience. We greet each and every customer and curate our vendors very carefully to make sure they have quality and unique items to sell.” 

The Marketplace on the Hill is able to provide a shopping experience like no other. With an Italian-feel, inspired by their location on The Hill, the Marketplace is the perfect spot to spend a day shopping and eating. “You can come early and shop, break for lunch at our cafe at Oliva, continue your shopping with a glass of wine and return on Wednesdays for Wine Down Wednesday.” Carleen mentions. 

Currently, Carleen and Mark have no future plans to expand but they never say never! They dream big and utilize their space to provide experiences to visitors to The Hill. With events like Wine Down Wednesday or their Christmas Extravaganza, their focus is on interacting with the community. Next time you’re looking for the perfect spot to spend your day off or find yourself on a search for the perfect addition to your home, stop by The Marketplace on the Hill for all your shopping and entertainment needs! For more information, visit