In Control

Jamie Briesemeister, CEO of Integration Controls, sheds light on home lighting automation. 

Edited by Moe Godat 

Photography by Reed Radcliffe, TripleRPhotography


Bringing the Simplicity 

Our goal at Integration Controls is to simplify and enrich the lives of our clients through curated solutions connected by design. Nearly every client asks for one thing: simplicity. It’s our job to understand what simplicity means to them, their home and their lifestyle so we can enrich the experience as much as possible. We then curate selected technologies and connect them—by design (and to the network)—to ensure the final user experience is simple and fun. 

Beauty of Control 

In all homes, we have light fixtures (the source of light) and light switches or dimmers (the control of light). A lighting control system takes the place of traditional light controls and creates an environment where all of the lights can “work together,” no matter where you are in your home (or across the world). Imagine going to bed and pressing a button that says “SLEEP”, and all of the lights you would have typically adjusted before bed adjust with just one press of a button.

Automated Benefits 

Lighting control offers homeowners many benefits, including convenience, aesthetics, peace of mind and energy savings. When lighting interacts WITH the activities of daily living, it makes life more simple and convenient. The aesthetic benefits of lighting control are often in the style and type of keypad used to replace traditional switches. From attractive plastic buttons that are engraved to higher-end metal finishes, keypads offer a finer finish to a home design. Most of the time, lighting can provide peace of mind and when automated for certain events (nighttime, when a visitor comes to the door, etc.) it offers a sense of comfort. Finally, when programmed and designed well, lighting control systems aid in energy savings and ultimately, save electrical costs.

New vs Exsisting 

In new construction, we often work with the architect, lighting designer, electrician and builder to specify products that work well from start to finish. We can select all the right parts and pieces and wire the house accordingly, often with physical, wired connections. In existing homes, we are locked into the home’s existing wired infrastructure, and thus, we use different products, typically those with wireless communications. In this environment, our selections are minimized in style and type, but the overall functionality of lighting control can still remain. 

Beyond Trend

Lighting control is going beyond the simple control of it (on/off/brighten/dim), with products now that offer tunable white lighting that adjust in color temperature throughout the day, so that the inside of your home resembles the natural daylight outside. This “human-centric” lighting trend has been proven to help people rest better, wake more easily and heal better after surgeries!  It’s a trend we suspect will become a consideration with every lighting project in the future.

New Lighting Tech

In addition to tunable white lighting, full-spectrum lighting is often requested. Instead of all shades of white, you can now bring in blue, green, red or other colors that can enhance your mood or the atmosphere you are trying to create. Another great technology enhancement would be “individually addressable fixtures.” Instead of lights that come on/off because of how they are wired, these fixtures allow you to adjust the lighting plan as needed, so as the furniture plans change, the light in the house can adapt without the need for a renovation project. Of all of the solutions we offer to clients, lighting control is the most valuable, because we ALL interact with lighting on a daily basis. Why not simplify the thing you do every day?   



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