Fabulous Fifth Walls

Ceilings don’t have to be plain, dull and white. Elevate the often forgotten surface with paint, wallpaper, beams and more!


By Melissa Mauzy



1. By J.P. DiMisa Luxury Homes, Inc. and David Lopaciuk, Trace Design. Photography by Robert Fernandez.

The project’s design theme didn’t come from some preconceived idea. Rather, the finished product, namely the ceilings at this one was the result of careful study and observation. Each moulding was custom created by piecing together multiple trim profiles to create something that looks and feels totally unlike what you see everyday in custom homes.

2. By Blue Heron. Photography by Trent Bell.

The wood cladding material in the ceiling is a material from Resysta that combines rice husks, salt and mineral oil for a high-density, low-maintenance moisture- and 

fade-resistant finish.

3. ​​By Design Moe Kitchen & Bath. Photography by Dan Forster.

This was in an interesting kitchen where the ceiling design idea came from an old image that the homeowner had. The design and construction team did a lot of head scratching to give the client the exact design that she had in mind. It was quite a challenge putting together all of the cabinetry and matching molding pieces on several plains.

4. By Pierre Jean-Baptiste Interiors, Ltd. Photography by Pierre Jean-Baptiste Interiors, Ltd.

The designer added light gray wainscoting with dark brown, low VOC wall paint above to add contrast to the newly added custom wainscoting in this minuscule bathroom. LED recessed ceiling lights were integrated to reduce power consumption. Overall, this bathroom achieved the goal of being environmentally friendly as well as design conscious.

5. By Linda McDougald Design | Postcard From Paris Home. Photography by Rachael Boling.

The ceiling in The Cliffs Lake Keowee residence features reclaimed beams. Arches between the beams are dressed with brick. A custom-designed and hand-crafted iron chandelier hangs over the island.

6. By Celia Welch Interiors. Photography by Angie Seckinger. The designer lined the vaulted ceiling with cedar planks in a custom translucent stain allowing the natural beauty of the wood to come through. The effect, when added to the soft tones of the paint color and textiles, is to envelop the family room in an elegant warmth.

7. By Rodriguez Studio Architecture. Photography by David Joseph Photography.

This ceiling is in a converted attic in Brooklyn. The roof was a series of peaks and rafters. The designer clad the entire shape with finish grade plywood, added lights and then painted the walls black with blackbird paint.