2022 Baths of the Year

Edited by Melissa Mauzy

Portrait Photography by Colin Miller/Strauss Peyton 

Bathroom Photography by Alise O'Brien Photography



Soothing color palettes, bold wallpaper patterns and exquisite tile selections are just some of the standout qualities of this year’s Baths of the Year winners.

Meet our Judges: 

Michael Cyr, Associate Principal at FORNEY + architecture: As a graduate of University of Kansas School of Architecture and Urban Design and Associate Principal of FORNEY + architecture, Michael combines his over 20 years of architectural experience with a family

background in homebuilding, presenting a unique combination of a designer’s eye and skill for resolving the details.

Rebekah Murphy, Co-Founder and Lead Designer at Stone Hall Cabinetry: Rebekah is an award-winning designer who lives and breathes interior design and has quickly achieved “senior designer” status in the industry. Inspired by art, fashion and world cultures, her distinctive work for both individual clients and national companies has frequently been featured in design and lifestyle publications.

Jim Tegethoff, Owner of Tegethoff Homes: Jim has been in the residential construction business for more than 25 years. He is responsible for all the daily operations of the company, and has continued to build an outstanding business reputation in the St. Louis community. He is a well-respected and trusted builder for many happy families.



Under 100 Square Feet: Castle Design and Marc Christian Fine Cabinetry 

100-150 Square Feet: Castle Design and Marc Christian Fine Cabinetry

150-200 Square Feet: Temple and Hentz



Under 100 Square Feet: Castle Design & Wise Works 

100-150 Square Feet: Chelsea Design Company 

150-200 Square Feet: Castle Design and R.G. Apel Development

More than 200 Square Feet: Chelsea Design Company