Homegrown Jewel

This beautiful Missouri native makes a statement at the Botanical Garden and your backyard.

Meadow phlox, Phlox maculata subsp. pyramidalis

Where to find it in the Garden: Samuels Bulb Garden, from August to October.

Information and photography provided by Catherine Martin, The Missouri Botanical Garden.


Leafy meadow phlox is imperiled in the state of Missouri, as Missouri serves as the eastern-most range for this subspecies. This subspecies exhibits pyramidal-shaped, pinkish-purple flower panicles and blooms from August to October. In the wild, it typically grows in moist meadows, low woods and riverbanks.

This attractive native species may also appeal to home gardeners. Meadow phlox is an excellent summer-blooming plant for the perennial border, cottage garden, wildflower meadow or native plant garden. It is attractive to butterflies, birds and hummingbirds. Meadow phlox can be easily grown in moderately fertile, medium moisture, well-drained soil in full sun to light shade. It prefers moist, organically rich soils in full sun.