Lush Layers

Fabrics are a great way to add color to any space. Mixing color and texture through fabric applied to draperies, furnishings and accent pillows will elevate your space. When layering multiple fabrics in one space, it is important to consider the color, scale, shape and texture of each pattern. An experienced interior designer can help pull all the elements in a room together for a fabulously fabric-ed finish!

By Moe Godat and Melissa Mauzy


Expert Advice 

Upholstered walls establish a luxuriant aesthetic in any space. Fabric works wonders for absorbing sound! I also love creating tented ceilings. Fabric is typically gathered around the perimeter of a (preferably square) room and gathered in the center of the ceiling, where it is held with a medallion or other decorative element; many times, a center lighting fixture punctuates the center gathering point. I also love using fabric as framed art or as a large “wall hanging” behind a bed or large sofa in lieu of another more conventional piece of art. Kris Keller, The Design Source LTD.

Buy 1 or 2 yards of a large print fabric, and have it stretched onto a frame to use as artwork. Large prints look best and ones that incorporate crewel or other needlework add another dimension to the interest. This is an inexpensive way to add some color and pattern to your room. If you get tired of the fabric, the frame is reusable for the next print that catches your eye. A yard is 36 inches and most fabrics are approximately 54 inches wide.  The fabric will wrap around the frame, so 1 yard of fabric will work for a 30x30 inch or possibly 32x32 inch piece of art. Two yards will work for 48x48 inches up to 66x48 inches. Marcia Moore, Marcia Moore Design.

Generally speaking, I think it’s nice to weave a certain favorite color throughout the home. For instance, if a client loves green, it’s great to bring that into the rooms with perhaps walls, rugs, pillows or art, not necessarily in every aspect, but to have the color be a thread that pulls things together and creates a beautiful palate that seems consistent and familiar. Dede Fratt, Fratt Bush Home.