Silver Bells

Pro tip:

Start at the bottom of the stairs and let your garland hang down to the floor. Tie your garland with fishing line or twine in equal distances to create a scalloped look.

Embellish with pretty bows, dried flowers, Christmas stockings, ornaments or hang family photos or art with clothespins. It’s your home, so do whatever makes you happy!

By Moe Godat 

Photography by Kim Dillon 


 Simple and elegant, this staircase design mixes natural elements like wood and pine with hints of silver for a bit of sparkle. Tall glass and metal lanterns house faux snow and twinkle lights to brighten the way, while wrapped packages with twine and ribbons adorn the lower steps. A twig reindeer stands next to a rustic wooden sled to add a playful and interesting touch. Woven silver bells attached with shining ribbons finish off the look.