Breaking From Tradition

Local design professionals give their opinions on using non-traditional Christmas colors during the holiday season!

Edited by Moe Godat

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Location: Kemp Signature Homes



Wow, non-traditional Christmas colors are just fun. Who’s to say what color the holiday should be? The Christmas police? Not happening in my life. While I love to decorate for clients with traditional red and green, it’s fun to break away and do an all-white Christmas, a purple Christmas or a black and white Christmas. Make it your own. Holidays are about fun, memories and spending time with family and friends. Whatever color your Holiday is we want you to enjoy it. CJ Knapp, Yours by Design.

As traditional as I tend to be, I'm going to squeeze this one into the classic column! I love to see some slightly off-beat colors for a Christmas display. For years, I have decorated my daughter's tree to coordinate with her room, typically, a candy theme using wonderful pastel colored ribbons and ornaments and big colorful lights. I also like to set a holiday tabletop to complement china, sometimes Christmas colors, sometimes not. I love to use a blue and white pattern and complement it with greenery and bright red ribbons with silver flatware to add a sparkle. I also love to see cobalt blue and silver together; it transitions so well into New Year's Eve! Teddy Karl, The Great Cover Up.

I have been always drawn to do something different, bold and artistic by breaking the traditional rule. I love yellow, which represents happiness and energy. Why not bring this into my Christmas tree and make a holiday that represents my tribe? I also like to use weird things as an ornaments so they catch your eye; non-traditional colors on a Christmas tree definitely stand out from others, and it's a great conversation topic and photo backdrop for your party. I say let's celebrate in a creative way! Nisha Tailor, Nisha Tailor Interior Design, LLC.

Non-traditional Christmas colors are a way to incorporate the homeowner’s personality and personal style into the Christmas season. Vibrant colors, fun patterns and animal print all help to elevate classic Christmas decorations into a more festive and unique environment. The non-traditional color possibilities are endless and fabulous. I personally love using non-traditional Christmas colors, and I think using non-traditional Christmas colors is a personal style twist on a classic design element. I love it! Barbara Collins, Barbara Collins Interior Design.



Personal color preferences are established during childhood and holiday palettes are heavily influenced by parents’ traditions, choice of worship and cultural heritage. Classifying a group of colors as non-traditional in reference to Christmas assumes that the Western red/green perspective is traditional. Our lives are unfolding in a geocultural world that respects global stylings and color palettes. Let’s celebrate those global hues while establishing and enjoying our own chosen palette. It's personal. On this one, there is no classic and there is no craze. Geri Hayes, Ideas Only: Color+Lighting+Design.

I prefer traditional Christmas colors and decoration. I’d say colors other than green, red, gold and white are not a craze because many people have been doing that for years. I think theme trees and using other colors are a personal preference. Dede Fratt, Fratt Bush Home.

When we think of the Holiday season, we typically think of red and green with additions of gold, silver, blue and white. Yet we have seen displays in both stores and homes of various combinations of colors. Some pastels, some turquoise, some lime green, even fuchsia, along with many more, that have been mixed with silver and gold to create a beautiful holiday decor. My thought is the majority of families have keepsake decorations in traditional colors that they will display year after year. So I won’t categorize non-traditional colors as a craze, but just another way of celebrating the Christmas cheer. Maybe even starting a new tradition for their family. So enjoy the season in any color! Georgine O’Donnell, O’DESIGNS.