Garden Features

Gardens are so much more than the plants inside them! Any garden can be taken to the next level by adding these local landscapers’ favorite features.

Edited by Moe Godat 


Pergolas | Information provided by Richard Poynter, Poynter Landscape, Architecture & Construction

Where to place: Over an outdoor living space where shade is desired

Favorite material: Cedar is the most natural and versatile and works best in the St. Louis climate

Best for planting: Dwarf varieties of Wysteria

The best part of pergolas are the ceiling they provide, creating coziness to outdoor spaces, areas for vines to grow and structure for drapes as well. Shade can be achieved to varying degrees depending on the sun's movement in your yard combined with the density of the overhead structure. You can anchor it to the home or at the end of an inviting path. The adaptations are limited only by the imagination. The chameleon of outdoor living spaces, pergolas are elegant, and we design them to fit architecturally to traditional, formal or incredibly rustic architecture of your home. They can even be bled into and over parts of a pool or fireplace. The rafter end details, drapes, vines, stain color, smooth or rough sawn lumber columns that can be brick, stone, round or square...these are all ways to make your pergola unique.


Water features are one of my personal favorite outdoor features in the garden. There are so many ways in which you can creatively integrate water features into a landscape to create a truly unique feature for a client, whether you want to create a focal point, block noise or have the soft sound of water in the background. However you decide to implement this feature into your garden, you won't be disappointed. Justin Verbryck, Frisella Landscape Group.

A well-placed garden bench will anchor your outdoor living space. It is a place all for yourself to rest, relax and enjoy the natural beauty of your garden. Timberwinds Nursery offers a variety of garden bench styles and finishes to fit your style. Mike Curran, Timberwinds Nursery.

This beautiful 800-square-foot koi pond and natural waterfall is the focal point of a backyard landscape. It’s located near a pool house so the owner can relax and hear the calming waterfall. Complete with fish, water plants and Japanese garden-style landscaping. David Sherwood, Sherwood’s Forest Nursery.

Well-placed fountains bring indescribable magic to gardens. With their soothing sounds and beauty, they turn ordinary gardens into awe-inspiring sanctuaries. Ann Lapides, Sugar Creek Gardens.

This 120-foot-long stream bursts from the hills like a natural spring. This beautiful 12,000-gallon-per-hour waterfall gently spills down beneath the over 100-foot oak and dogwood trees. Josh Bauer, Bauer Falls.