A Mother-Daughter Duo

Candice Wideman of Youtopia Designs works alongside her daughter to give her the room of her dreams. 

By Moe Godat

Photography by Karen Palmer


Redecorating a child’s room can be tricky; not only should the design age with them appropriately, but also function for them at the moment. Throw in the design opinions of your 7-year-old daughter, and you have the experience of interior designer Candice Wideman of Youtopia Designs.

Her daughter, Evelyn, started with Candice’s childhood bedroom set and graduated to a dollhouse bunk bed before the redecorating began. However, she began outgrowing the bunk bed, and all her furniture was mismatched. “Evelyn's seventh birthday was coming up, and we decided that part of her birthday present would be to redesign her room the way she wanted it,” says Candice.

To start off the redesign, the carpet was removed and replaced with hardwood flooring to match the rest of the house. They painted the walls of the room in Evelyn’s choice of Sherwin Williams teal. “Evelyn was very specific about what she wanted in her room,” Candice explains. “I had two choices of paint that I liked, and she had one that she liked the best. You'll never guess who won the battle picking out the paint color!”

The room wouldn’t be complete without its gorgeous floral wall mural. Candice says she went alone initially to pick out 10 different wallpaper and mural choices for her daughter to choose from. “Once all of the samples arrived, I let her go through and pick out the one she wanted the most.” The wall mural complements Evelyn’s choice of paint and even matches the custom-made curtains Candice had made for her daughter’s previous room. Though the dark purple curtains went well with all their choices, Candice worked with Discount Draperies to select a new inset fabric that would give the curtains a pop!

Once the furniture was in place, it was up to Candice and junior designer, Natalie Slavik, to finish off the space with accessories like the area rug, bedding and table lamps.

“The decor in her room is lively and personal,” Candice says. “It's a place where she and her friends can hang out now and have sleepovers while promoting imaginative play.” To promote this imagination, the Widemans opted for no electronics in the room. This, Candice explains, helps Evelyn unwind after long days of school and sports through playing with toys or reading a book.

“It was amazing to give my daughter the gift of a well-designed room,” Candice says. “Stay tuned, we told my son that when he turns seven, he will get to have his room completely redesigned the way he wants!”



Flooring: Barefoot Flooring 

Furniture: Carol House 

Interior Designer: Youtopia Designs 

Window Treatments: Discount Draperies