Poolside Plants

Local landscapers share their favorite poolside plants.

By Melissa Mauzy


Careful thought and consideration must be given when choosing the plants to surround your refreshing pool. A pool can greatly affect growing conditions and plants get frequently splashed with chlorine and other pool chemicals. Finding strong plants that can withstand your pool climate is key. Local landscapers share their favorite poolside plants. 

“My favorite plant that we have used for a pool setting is hibiscus. This tropical planted along a pool border exudes summer! Hibiscuses come in single-colored and multi-colored, to the traditional pink hibiscus, to the vibrant Fiesta hibiscus featured orange, red, pink, white and yellow. You can’t go wrong with this big bloomer.” Andria Graeler, Chesterfield Valley Nursery.

“Ornamental grasses are great choices for poolsides. They feature striking, architectural forms and come in a large array of colors. Some have exotic markings. A top choice 'Little Zebra' Maidenhair Grass glows with its yellow horizontal stripes.” Ann Lapides, Sugar Creek Gardens.

“The Musa Bajoo Hardy Banana is an excellent choice for anyone that wants a jungle aesthetic with less labor and cost than traditional palms. The broad leaves create dramatic contrast in the poolside garden and the best part is that they come back year after year!” Laura Caldie, Maypop Coffee & Garden Shop. 

“My favorite poolside plant is Judd Viburnum. The amazing fragrance will overtake you and it shines with seasonal interest. It blooms in the spring, boasts beautiful summer foliage and wows with pretty fall color.”  Tony Frisella Jr., Frisella Nursery.

“Mandevilla vine is widely used for its showy pink flowers. They thrive in warm, humid weather  (perfect for St. Louis) and bloom continuously from late spring to frost. They are not cold-hardy in the Midwest but easy to replant annually and look outstanding in containers. Use them to cover arbors, trellises and fences.” Richard Poynter, https://www.poynterlandscape.comhttps://www.poynterlandscape.comhttps://www.poynterlandscape.com