Shaw's Vision: Jan/Feb 2018

Stay up-to-date in your landscape with planning tips and events from the Missouri Botanical Garden. 

Edited by Melissa Mauzy


Early January: Check stored summer bulbs such as dahlias, cannas and gladioli to be sure they are not rotting or drying out.

Early January: Old Christmas trees can be recycled outdoors as a feeding station for birds. String garlands of peanuts, popcorn, cranberries, fruits and suet through their boughs.

Early January: Allow tap water to warm to room temperature before using on  houseplants.

Mid to late January: Try sprouting a test sample of leftover seeds before ordering new seeds for spring. (Roll up 10 seeds in a damp paper towel. Keep moist and warm. Check for germination in a week. If fewer than half sprout, order fresh seed.)

Mid to late January: Sow pansy seeds indoors now.

February 1 - March 31: Morpho Mardi Gras at the Butterfly House. 

February 3 - March 25: Orchid Show at the Missouri Botanical Garden. 

February 18: Black History Celebration at the Missouri Botanical Garden. 

Mid to late February: Now is a good time to apply appropriate sprays for the control of lawn weeds such as chickweed and dandelion.

Early February: Begin to fertilize houseplants as they show signs of new growth. Plants that are still resting should receive no fertilizers yet.

End of  February: Late winter storms often bury birds' natural food supplies and a well-stocked feeding station will provide a life-giving haven for our feathered friends.