Sensory Garden

Designed to delight the senses, the Zimmerman Sensory Garden is an experience for all ages.

Edited by Melissa Mauzy
Photography courtesy of Missouri Botanical Gardens


People of all ages can tickle their senses by visiting the Zimmerman Sensory Garden. This garden gives visitors an opportunity to draw on their senses. People enjoy smelling popular herbs like rosemary, lemon thyme and lavender. A whiff of the chocolate flower is sure to tempt any guest’s sweet tooth. The sounds of the Shell Fountain and the Solari bell will engage guests as they make their way through this garden.

The Sensory Garden is showcased primarily in raised beds and container plantings. The garden also gives an opportunity for visitors to touch the texturally tantalizing annuals, perennials and herbs.

Plants in this garden are used for educational and therapeutic programming under the Missouri Botanical Garden’s Therapeutic Horticulture Program. Therapeutic horticulture uses a time-proven practice of using plants or plant-related activities to improve the well-being of people. The program works with cancer treatment patients, at-risk youth, children in pediatric rehab, seniors and memory loss facilities. However, people of all abilities can enjoy what this garden has to offer.