Gracious Gifts

SLHL asked local landscapers to share thier favorite plants to give as hostess gifts.

By Melissa Mauzy


With the holiday season in full swing, don’t show up to a festive gathering empty handed. A sweet surprise for the hostess is always appreciated. Sure, wine and chocolates are tasty, but why not bring your family member or friend a beautiful plant as a gift. SLHL asked local landscapers to share their favorite plants to give as hostess gifts. 

“You can expect many oohs and ahs from your gift recipients with Elvas Amaryllis. One of the most exquisite of intricately layered double forms, it's so beautiful it’s hard to believe it’s a live flower. This exotic beauty boasts glowing pinkish-white petals with deep-pink brush marks and whorled center petals.” Ann Lapides, Sugar Creek Gardens.

“The Poinsettia is the classic and timeless hostess gift for the holidays. We love the multitude of color and bloom variations, but nothing can top a classic red poinsettia. Keep in mind, all poinsettias are not created equal. The key to a quality plant starts with the grower. We always select a heavy blooming, densely packed plant grown locally for us each year. A quality flower will literally overflow with velvet petals and deep green foliage.” Debi Graeler, Chesterfield Valley Nursery.

“Our favorite plant to give as a gift during the holidays is Cyclamen. These small flowers are native to the eastern Mediterranean. Their blooms can vary in color from pure white and light pink to vibrant fuchsia. They are prolific bloomers from November to March! In addition to the blooms the foliage of the plant is wonderfully variegated with silver blotching.” Daniel Mee, Frisella Nursery.

“Succulents make a great hostess gift.  They are easy to take care of year round in a sunny window.  They are charming plants that come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors.” Cathy Pauley, Papillon Perennials. 

“Succulents are my favorite plant for a hostess gift. Succulents are incredibly easy to care for and the variety of colors and shapes make them very easy to decorate with. You can customize your gift with a unique planter or arrangement of plants to complement your friends favorite colors or home decor.” Katy Molaskey, Green Guys.

“My favorite hostess gift plant is a Phalaenopsis Orchid. Their timeless elegance and long-blooming flowers make them an ideal choice. Choose from a range of colors; white, fuchsia, pink, yellow and mixed. Place them in a sunny window and water once a week. Plant them in a decorative container or add some curly willow branches for an artistic decorative stem support. Make sure you have drainage holes in your container and you should have beautiful long-lasting flowers every year.” Christine Knoernschild, Passiglia’s Nursery