Classic or Craze: Shower Body Sprays

Is it a classic or is it a craze?

By Melissa Mauzy


For our August Bath issue, we asked local design professionals their opinion on shower body sprays. Are homeowners still opting for the luxury bath experience? Or is all the extra water just washing down the drain?

“In the realm of showering today, homeowners are looking for a more innovative way to experience that spa-like atmosphere at home. Body sprays are a classic option in the shower, but are also all the craze right now! As more homeowners decide to remove their old whirlpool tub, we are seeing more and more use of body sprays in the shower. The typical homeowner never has enough time in one day but still looks for that relaxing and invigorating showering experience. As for the homeowner that’s worried about resale, if removing the tub, they shouldn’t. Installing body sprays has become the expected alternative in the shower in lieu of the whirlpool tub for the prospective buyer.” Deanna Bert, Kohler Signature Store by Crescent Supply.

“Shower body sprays are a fading classic. They certainly aren’t going anywhere, and the plumbing manufacturers still offer them and are even offering new improvements to them. However, they are not nearly requested for as they once were. Years ago they were almost expected to consider any shower a “custom” shower. Now homeowners want simplicity – in regards to both aesthetics and performance. Also, with the millennial movement, homeowners are more conscious of their water intake and are less wasteful in general.  We have also noticed that homeowners are more open to spending their shower budgets on other spa-like features, for example, steam and music.” Betsy Hayden, Premier Plumbing Studio.

“I have been designing with body sprays for well over 20 years, so I would not consider it a craze. If a client has legitimate back or muscle issues, they can be well worth the investment. I describe it then as a vertical whirlpool. Placement is crucial. I will keep selling them for any client who needs the therapy.” Jennifer Trentadue, Henry Plumbing Kitchen and Bath Gallery.

“In response to new trends in bathroom design, shower body sprays are a classic. The newest progression is multi-body spray shower systems, which are quickly becoming all the rave. Those with demanding lifestyles are looking for sanctuaries, a spa like environment for therapeutic relaxation and rejuvenation. I believe the spa bathroom is here to stay.” Karen Smith, Savvy Surrounding Style.

“I feel this is on it's way to being a classic. Although they are somewhat new in shower design, I feel as if they are more readily available as well as affordable in recent times. Once homeowners are exposed to the various health benefits that are available in body sprays, I am sure they will become that one essential item they can't live without in a shower.” Amena Zamora, Amena Zamora Designs.

“All luxury plumbing fixtures will follow the demand for upgraded spa showers. Sleek versions of body sprays, flush with the wall, are the preferred spray styles of the moment. The horizontal jet-action sprays have a very practical function. They are ideal if you want to shower without getting your hair wet. And they have a therapeutic value providing a concentrated spray on the chest, back or thighs. Body sprays work best in large showers to contain the overspray.” Dana King, NEXT Project Studio.

“I think it’s a craze. I feel people won’t use body sprays as much as they think they will. The spray is very powerful and has minimal control compared to a shower wand. We recommend careful placement of body sprays to be sure the powerful spray is not directed toward the shower door. This is a special consideration if you want to eliminate vinyl sweeps for a cleaner look. Vinyl sweeps assist in containing water, but they are not the best look. We recommend you consult the glass installer in the design process, along with the plumber and tile installer, to achieve the best finish and performance.” George Manlove, MOD Glass.