• How To Warm Up Your Home in Winter

    How To Warm Up Your Home in Winter

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    Taking Care of Feathered Friends

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    Yuletide Potpourri

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    MOTM: Freeze-Proof Plants

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    This winter, cuddle up with warmth and comfort under a stylish throw. Offered in a variety of colors and patterns, throw blankets are great to stash in a basket in the living room or drape over a chair for easy access. When the temperatures drop, reach for a soft throw and embrace the chill of the season.

    1. Bunny throw, available at Marketplace at the Abbey.

    2. Kate Spade navy throw, available at Rusted Chandelier.


    Don’t miss an opportunity to visit the Japanese Garden, where snow is considered a flower. In the winter, shapes and contrasts become the visual pleasures of the garden and you can even sometimes see colorful koi fish in the lake.  

    The Chinese Garden is a tranquil place in the winter, provoking self-reflection and peaceful thought. It is often said that Chinese gardens are built and not planted, since little plants are used. Be sure to check out the trickling water, authentic pavilion and ancient Chinese limestone formations under a layer of snow.