• How To Warm Up Your Home in Winter

    How To Warm Up Your Home in Winter

    The early winter months are a reminder that the wonderful holiday season is upon us and a new year has almost arrived. But after January...

  • Yuletide Potpourri

    Yuletide Potpourri

    Cold weather usually means that more time is spent in your home, so making your home even more cozy + comfortable is a

  • Ho-Ho-Homey for the Holidays

    Ho-Ho-Homey for the Holidays

    “Homey” — a feeling synonymous with comfy, cozy, safe and warm. It’s a state of mind, an ambiance, even a movement (“hygge,” anyone?). As the...

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    This winter, cuddle up with warmth and comfort under a stylish throw. Offered in a variety of colors and patterns, throw blankets are great to stash in a basket in the living room or drape over a chair for easy access. When the temperatures drop, reach for a soft throw and embrace the chill of the season.

    1. Bunny throw, available at Marketplace at the Abbey.

    2. Kate Spade navy throw, available at Rusted Chandelier.


    There is no better place to cozy up during the winter  than in front of a warm fire. The heat, the glow and the crackling of wood make the experience even more enjoyable. Make your hearth a style statement with screens, decorative mantel surrounds and more.

    one: Open circles decorative fireplace screen, available at Savvy Surrounding Style.

    two: Custom set of fireplace doors inset into a stone surround with a textured steel frame, by Eureka Forge.