The Advantages of Staging a Home for Resale

The Advantages of Staging a Home for Resale

Written by: Ashley McGoff 

Picture this: you just cleared every piece of furniture and décor out of your home thinking that it is now ready to be put on the market. Yet, what if there was a better way to sell your home? Staging a home for sale is gaining in popularity among sellers because it is cost effective and has tremendous benefits.  

Cost Effective

Sellers may be wary about spending extra money on staging. However, the benefits outweigh the cost. The cost of staging may depend on the size of your home and which rooms you plan on staging. The investment is worthwhile as INhance IT Home Staging’s motto is, “The cost of our service is less than your first price reduction.”

Stand Out

The housing market is saturated with new listings everyday which means sellers must stand out against the competition. Staging your home is the perfect way to set yourself apart from other sellers. More and more agents are staging homes as a way to entice buyers, which means those that are not staging will get looked over.

Staging your home also helps with standing out against the online competition. In today’s market, buyers search for homes online before going to a showing. In fact, the National Association of Realtors reported that in 2018, 50% of home buyers found their forever home online. If your photos do not stand out, your home could get passed over.

Faster Sell

Every sellers dream is to sell their home fast and over asking price. Staging your home can help you achieve this dream. The value of your home can increase when staging and can often lead to a faster sell and more money. In fact, states that staged homes sell 88% faster and for 20% more than an unstaged home.   

Buyers Feel at Home

Home staging can help buyers picture themselves living in your home. Professional stagers, such as INhance IT Home Staging, can decorate your home in an attractive way so that it appeals to the masses. By utilizing the space effectively, stagers can also make your space appear bigger. Staging your home to feel welcoming and livable will increase traffic and allow buyers to envision making forever memories in your home.

Staging your home will set you apart from the competition and highlight what your home has to offer.


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