• Yuletide Potpourri

    Yuletide Potpourri

    Cold weather usually means that more time is spent in your home, so making your home even more cozy + comfortable is a

  • Hygge Sweet Home

    Hygge Sweet Home

    With autumn upon us, it is time to settle into the hygge life. If you have not heard of “hygge,” you are in for a...

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    Pronounced “hoo-ga” or “hue-gah,” this Danish concept is so hot right now. Embrace the coziness of hygge by transforming your living space into a warm, comfortable atmosphere.

    1. Mid-century chair in faux shearling with knit throw, available at Expressions Furniture.

    2. Mesh basket shelf (sold as set of 2) with large cowhide frame, pinecone, two antique books, bark candleholder and mercury glass bottle (sold as set of 3), available at The Porch.


    Take a breath, take a seat, take a look around. Feel the temperature, smell the air. Consider — even for a moment — where you are. 

  • Ho-Ho-Homey for the Holidays

    Ho-Ho-Homey for the Holidays

    “Homey” — a feeling synonymous with comfy, cozy, safe and warm. It’s a state of mind, an ambiance, even a movement (“hygge,” anyone?). As the...