Cozy up to the warmth and sound of the crackling flames because it’s officially fireplace season! When it’s time to throw another log on the fire, reach for your stash stored in an aesthetically pleasing log holder.



    I don’t see this trend letting up, and I don’t see anything on the horizon to replace it. It’s clean and beautiful. Dana King, Next Project Studio.

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    How To Warm Up Your Home in Winter

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    Fall Mantel Ideas

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    Contemporary fireplaces, your traditional hearth’s sleek, gas-powered relatives, are making winter’s hottest home improvement project one of its coolest.  “We call it the ‘burn season’,” says C. Bennett’s Eric Jost of the September-to-February fireplace frenzy. “Every year right around that time people start considering installing a fireplace; contemporary units are a great option.”

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    Fabulous Fireplaces

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