Glam Gallery Walls

Glam Gallery Walls

Bare walls stick out as an eyesore, taking away from the elegance and beauty of the room they reside in. When it comes to fixing up an empty wall, gallery-inspired walls are the way to go! As a trend that is here to stay, gallery walls add the perfect touch to any room. Although the process can be a bit daunting, creating a glamorous gallery wall is well worth the hustle and bustle. To help get you started, we have compiled eight foolproof tips below that can serve as your beginner’s guide. 

Foolproof tips for creating a glamorous gallery wall

1. Tell a story – Use the pieces you chose for your gallery wall to tell a story! Showcase your likes, style and hobbies or center your wall around loved ones and family.

2. Try incorporating pieces other than frames – Frames are always a classic gallery wall look, but don't be afraid to incorporate nontraditional pieces such as a wall clock, shelving or other trinkets that catch your eye.

3. Go simple or go for more – Gallery walls allow you so much room for creativity, try a wall that is more simplistic or go for something more eye grabbing, the possibilities are endless. 

4. Pick a color scheme and run with it – Much like you choose color palettes and patterns for the rest of the room be sure to incorporate colors into your gallery wall that will complement your current color scheme.

5. Combine a variety of shapes and sizes – Don't be afraid to use frames and other wall accessories that are different shapes and sizes. 

6. Balance and symmetry – The key to success with a gallery wall is pulling together a gorgeous display that is balanced and organized. Use symmetry as a good rule of thumb; if you are looking for a more uniform look, make one side complement the other.

7. Lay everything out before hanging – This is a very simple step that will take some of the stress away from creating your wall. Be sure to lay everything out before you begin the hanging process. This way you can freely experiment with different layouts before beginning.

8. Get creative – There is no wrong way to create a gallery wall! Get creative, showcase your own unique style and go for a look that is specifically yours.

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