• Fall Mantel Ideas

    Fall Mantel Ideas

    Fall is in full swing + we couldn’t be more excited about it! If you are lucky enough to have a fireplace, you know that...

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    There is more to setting the Christmas table than putting out dishes — at least if one is also looking to set a festive mood. In addition to working wonders in the kitchen, make sure the main meal takes place in a dining room that wows the guests. It may not be as difficult or time-consuming as appears, as these well-appointed place settings demonstrate.

  • Traditional with a Twist

    Traditional with a Twist

    One way to take your holiday décor from usual to unique is with a bit of whimsy. Whether it's a twist on the traditional, or...

  • Nothing to Hide

    Nothing to Hide

    Using cowhides in interior design are no longer just for the cowboys. More often we’re seeing hides used in modern and contemporary design, adding...

  • Fabulous Fireplaces

    Fabulous Fireplaces

    As autumn approaches, the fireplace becomes even more of the focus in your living space. If you are looking to give your fireplace a...

  • Glam Gallery Walls

    Glam Gallery Walls

    Bare walls stick out as an eyesore, taking away from the elegance and beauty of the room they reside in. When it comes to fixing...

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