5 Scary Interior Design Trends

5 Scary Interior Design Trends

Want to see something really scary this Halloween? Today on the blog, we cover five frightening design trends that have us asking, "What were we thinking?" Warning: you may want to peer through your fingers on this one.

Popcorn Ceilings

This picture says it all. We agree popcorn ceilings are atrocious, but what makes this trend even more terrible is that it's lesser known as "cottage cheese ceilings."

Matching Pelmet and Curtains

On its own, the pelmet is an acceptable design preference. But the combination? Stifling and scary. 

Wallpaper Border

This 90's trend was horrifying – which has us wondering how wallpaper borders continually creeped into every corner of our homes. 

Hollywood Vanity Lights

Did anyone ever actually look good in a mirrior with hollywood lighting? Edison bulbs may be in style, but this trend took it too far.

Shag-pile Carpet

Talk about terrifying. This carpet looks like it needs to be mowed, but I would be afraid to learn what lives within.

What interior design trends left you asking, what were we thinking? Let us know!