Platinum 140-190 Square Feet: C&M Interiors, Chouteau Building Group

Why the judges love it: The ceiling treatment is brilliant and enhances the height of the room. The colors were well chosen for a masculine feel.   

Photography by Corey Hogrefe, CH Studios.


A constantly traveling professional wanted to transform his Clayton residence into a restful home. He worked with C&M Interiors and Chouteau Building Group to create an updated master bathroom to call his own. The main bathroom was originally laid out in an nonfunctional way with dated ‘90s décor. The designers were challenged by an unusually high ceiling and a wall of windows facing a busy street. By adding a charming barrel vault painted in Sherwin-Williams Black Fox, the space was transformed into a large, gallery style room with a stunning artistic chandelier to top it off. A custom high-lacquered vanity was specifically designed for the client and allows for light to bounce around the room. Neutral and textural tiles were selected to keep a masculine and tactile feel for this bachelor’s en suite. The main bathroom is now a comfortable inviting space that is both functional and high-end in appearance.



Contractor: Chouteau Building Group 

Interior Design: C&M Interiors 

Tile: R&F Tile & Marble Co. 

Granite: SFI Stone, Global Granite & Marble 

Plumbing Fixtures: Immerse

Lighting: St. Louis Lighting Group, Centro 

Painter: Rice Painting 

Glas/Mirror: Total Glass & Shelving 

Cabintery: Fiddle Creek Woodworking