Platinum 40-139 Square Feet: Wolff Interiors

Why the judges love it: We love the gold finishes mixed with the dark elements. The pendant fixture is the perfect choice for the space. The stone the designer selected is simply stunning!

Photography by Karen Palmer Photography.


The homeowner’s residence is overflowing with a collection of art that is daring and bold, and she wanted her powder room to feel like a piece of art. Wolff Interiors worked with the homeowner to update the bathroom from its generic feel. The designers chose a faux snakeskin wallpaper in an inky teal to base the design scheme around. The powder room is larger than a typical powder room, so the designers had to find pieces to fit the scale of the space. A large, white chandelier and oversized white plaster mirror are the perfect contrast to the dark walls. Gold accents in the space include a wall-mounted console table, sconces and hardware. To fill the large room, a custom vanity was designed with the beautiful hardware in mind. The countertop on the vanity has a laminated edge so that it wouldn’t get lost in the space. A simple silk Roman shade matched to the color of the wallpaper with inset trim gives texture and definition to the powder room. A piece of artwork from the client’s collection was selected to finish off this one-of-a-kind powder room that harmonizes with the artwork that fills the home surrounding it.



Interior Design: Wolff Interiors 

Granite: SFI Stone 

Plumbing/Decorative Fixtures: Immerse 

Lighting: Wilson Lighting, Design & Detail 

Painter: Rice Painting 

Window treatments: Berry Studio 

Cabinetry: Markway Construction, Co. 

Mirror: Design & Detail