House of Harth, London, England: Photography courtesy of House of Harth | House of Harth, an online platform for furniture rental, took their shop to the streets of north London to allow potential customers to view their furniture selections in person. Henrietta Thompson and husband Edward Padmore, owners of the brand, say the shop will not only allow them to meet with borrowers face-to-face but will also open up opportunities for discussion about the company’s future.


    While all design styles will go in and out of flavor, they always return with just a bit of a twist.  This style is currently referred to by some stylists as "eccentric grandma.” The layering of patterns, colors, trims, floral and geometric wallpaper, plush and hard seating pieces have been a mainstay of English cottage design and never really faded from use. Designers Parish/Hadley, who worked from the 60s to the 90s, and Rita Konig today are masters of this mix of color, pattern and texture. These homes reflect a laid back, cozy style that offers comfort at this time of global challenge.



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    Avoid these Mistakes for a Beautiful Home

    Written by: Ashley McGoff

    Everyone dreams of living in a Pinterest-perfect home. However, there can be some simple interior design mistakes that are...