Poolside Paradise

Poolside Paradise

Written by: Ashley McGoff
Designing the perfect pool to fit your style is extremely important. However, what is equally important is the landscape surrounding the pool. Creating a lush and colorful landscape can transport you to a tropical paradise. Here are some plants both beautiful and functional to consider placing around your pool. 
Tropical Flowers
Creating a tropical escape? Consider these colorful plants to add vibrance around your pool. 
  • Hardy Hibiscus

June/July 2018 | Hibiscus | Designer: Chesterfield Valley Nursery  

  • Lily of the Nile 
  • Canna
  • Daylily   

June/July 2019 | Daylily | Owners: Chick and Bruce Buehrig

Grasses and Succulents 
Ornamental grasses and succulents are great low-maintenance options. These plants are easy to grow and do not require much attention. Consider these visually striking plants for a more modern look.  
  • Sempervivum  

March 2014 | Sempervivum | Designer: Sugar Creek Gardens 

  • Aeonium  

March 2019 | Kiwi Aeonium | Designer: Chesterfield Valley Nursery

  • Crassula 
  • Deer Grass
  • Fountain Grass
  • Egyptian Papyrus 
  • Pink Muhly Grass 

September 2015 | Pink Muhly Grass | Owner: Melissa Losos 


Shrubs are great background plants to fill up space around your poolside garden. These shrubs are hardy while also adding a touch of color and jazziness. 
  • Weeping Dalea
  • Blackfoot Daisy 
  • Bird of Paradise 

Bird of Paradise | Credit: Flowerinfo.org 

No matter which plants you choose, a tropical escape will be right outside your door. 


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