From Cramped to Captivating: A Guide to Small Spaces

From Cramped to Captivating: A Guide to Small Spaces

Not all spaces are created (or designed) equally. When updating a room, size can play a big part in the choices you make. If you’re getting ready to make over a space that is on the smaller side, follow the tips below to ensure you are making the most of your area.

Lighten Up!


The first rule of small spaces: lighting! Whether natural or artificial, ample lighting will help open up your room. Take advantage of the room’s natural light by keeping window coverings as sheer as possible. If there is minimal natural light, invest in lamps and LED bulbs.

Hang Your Head and Your Curtains High

via Décor and the Dog

Hanging your curtains “high and wide” is a great visual trick to make the room seem taller. A good rule of thumb is to have your curtain rod at least one half to two thirds toward the ceiling, and one curtain panel length outside of the window. Another tip: make sure your curtains reach just above the floor. High-hung curtains are great, high-water curtains are not.

Mirror Images

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Mirrors are great for a small space because they reflect light, giving an illusion of depth. But it’s important to be strategic about where you place your mirrors — choose a specific focal point like a bright light or window, or hang them on a door to make your room feel larger.

Light—Not Bright—Paint Colors

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You may know dark colors absorb light, but bright colors can also shrink a room by overwhelming the space. When choosing your paint color, be sure to pick a light, cool-toned paint and bring in your other colors through accent pieces like throw pillows and blankets.

Pick Your Patterns Carefully

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Yes — you should bring your personality into the room through your accent items, but be sure to pick your colors carefully. Too many busy patterns can make your space appear cluttered. If you don’t know where to begin, pick a color and stay within that hue. A great rug with throw pillows in complementary colors will feel cohesive — not conflicting. 

Less is More

Not only do you not want your space to appear cluttered, but it shouldn’t be cluttered. This seems obvious enough — but it’s easy for objects to accumulate over time. Periodically pause and ask yourself what purpose each piece is serving. Eliminate the extra, and your room will be left feeling more open and spacious.

Make the Most of Multi-Purpose Pieces

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If you are having a difficult time whittling down, invest in pieces that have more than one purpose: an ottoman that doubles as a coffee table, a bed with storage compartments or a nightstand that also serves as a desk are great examples. You will soon be cutting down the items in your room by up to half, but still obtain the full level of functionality.

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